Travelling Denim

” Traveling Denim ” Recording color fade for two years on Vimeo.

This is a video by Takayuki Akachi of a girl traveling the world in her Levi’s. To me, this is what raw denim is all about- wearing your jeans as part of your journey. As this girls second skin, the fabric literally records the history of her two year trip around the world. You can see how her denim fades and ages into a beautiful shades of blue that can only be achieved by constant wear.

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The Denim Debate

The Denim Debate is a new blog with a great premise. Basically, the organizers got together 25+ guys and girls to document the process of wearing in their premium raw denim. The contributors come from varied walks of life: Bloggers, Writers, Musicians, Shopkeepers, Craftsman, Students, and Style Mavens, as well as the brands they are sporting. All of them are wearing a different jean, all of them are blogging a different experience. The reporting has just got underway so make sure you check in from time to time.

My only questions is, why didn’t they ask me to be a contributor? Ha ha…

New! Naked and Famous

Here are a couple new looks from Canadian brand Naked and Famous. Naked and Famous is a brand dedicated to high quality Japanese selvage denim. Recently, selvage denim jeans have become very mainstream. For example, both J. Crew and Gap now offer selvage denim jeans. Naked and Famous stays superior because of their commitment to high quality denim by importing their fabrics from Japan.

Japanese denim is important because of the way it is processed. I don’t know the exact dynamics of how denim is processed in Japan, but the result is a tougher fabric. Tougher denim means you can wear it longer without needing a new pair. Come to Next Coventry. Purchase a pair of Naked and Famous jeans, and wear them for years.

My Nudies…

myphoto2So people are always asking, “whats the deal with RAW denim?” and “why would I not wash my jeans?” I have an answer, I have been wanting to do this blog post for a long, long time. Today seemed like a good day and I wanted to try out my new camera anyway. What you see above is a NEW pair of Nudie Bootcut Ola in dry. I got mine about 4 years ago and have been wearing them a lot I would guess I have worn them about 900 times, yes 900 times. After a while the denim will mold to your body and the distressing will come naturally.  Please keep in mind these have NEVER EVER been washed, soaked or cleaned.  I do hang them outside to air out once in a while.  Once I wash them I will update with a new post. Make sure you check out Next for the best selection of Men’s and Women’s Nudies in Cleveland.


New Denim Line: Nine Days


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Here are two styles from the previously blogged Nine Days, a new line by Donwan Harrell of PRPS.

Nothing but denim!

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Happy Friday. Some of the female employees decided to get together with some denim and a camera… Enjoy.

Levi’s ‘Go Forth’ Campaign

“The “Go Forth” brand campaign, developed in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy Portland, is rooted in America’s raw, pioneering spirit. The campaign positions the Levi’s brand as the brand for pioneers who are in the process of building a new America. Their youthful optimism and pioneering energy are at the core of Levi’s DNA, and this overarching theme has been woven into every component of the “Go Forth” campaign. Everything you see, from a cinema spot to a banner ad, is full of energy, vibrancy and provocation—created with a sense of movement, freedom and optimism in mind. “Go Forth” reminds consumers that Levi’s jeans are the jean of self-reliance, hard work, and an independent, hopeful spirit.”

Read more on Levi’s newest ad campaign here.

Tight Squeeze: Making Room For a New Men’s Fashion


The Wall Street Journal has an article out discussing the “new” trend of skinnier, form-fitting jeans. The article calls this a new movement in Men’s fashion, which is funny considering tighter clothing has been popular for some time. All of us “Fashion-Forward” individuals who shop and follow NEXT know this is ridiculous.

Read the full article and witness how clueless the news media is on fashion here.

How to Care and Wash Raw/Dry Denim


Here are some easy tips on caring for your raw/dry denim.  Whether you have a pair of Levi’s 501 STF or some Nudies, these tips will help you fresh and clean!  Just remember that your everyday activities and lifestyle gives the denim its own unique, individual character … basically the more you wear your jeans the more amazing they will become.

Some info regarding denim is that the warmer the water is, the more the indigo will bleed. The whole point is to keep the indigo on the denim for as long as possible. Indigo is different from synthetic dyes, since it is not fully absorbed into the cotton fibers/thread. The indigo actually sits on-top of the fibers and that’s why denim fades to a white color over time. See more instructions after the jump…

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