Timberland Scavenger Hunt


Next Coventry, the official Timberland Outpost in Cleveland, will be holding a Scavenger Hunt in collaboration with Timberland on Saturday, September 25th from 12-7. There will be 8 locations around the Coventry area in which markers will be left. Contestants will be supplied with clues and required to take pictures of each of the 8 markers to win. Winners will receive a free pair of Timberland Boots, and a substantial gift card to Next Coventry.

New! Women’s Nike Aqua Blazer

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New Nike Aqua Blazer.

New! Play Cloths

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Kickflip B in new Play Cloths. Available at all Next Locations.

“He’s the Blogger, I’m the DJ” Event Recap Pics

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Thanks to all those who came out in support of local MC’s. Don’t miss next month’s “He’s the Blogger, I’m the DJ” Event at Next Coventry.

Vintage Night @ Next Coventry 7-10 P.M.

Vintage Flyer
The evolution of Vintage at Next Coventry continues this Saturday. This month’s event will feature more Men’s Vintage product brought to you by Stay Fresh Always, and 50% off last month’s selection. Also new to the event, will be Women’s Vintage clothing and accessories, as well as live models, presented by Robyn Hood Vintage. If you like fashion and style, this is the event for you.

“He’s the Blogger, I’m The DJ” Event @ Next Coventry

htbitd_in store_coventry5810 copy
Every second Saturday of the month from 7-10pm Jameel and DJ Steph Floss will have NEXT on Coventry jumping. There will be crazy sales and ladies receive $20 off any purchase. You never know who is going to stop by and hang out. We are listening to new music, lounging and just enjoying every bodies company. We will also be having artist perform each month. This month we got Bravo, Blac Cease and Kick Flip B. We want all ages and each month will be something to talk about. See you there.

The Return of DOXX

If you are unfamiliar, DOXX, is a local MC. He’s been in Toronto for the last 10 months, but has returned to Cleveland with some new music, and some serious steel toed boots. His new mixtape is entitled “Let it Be…Famous” and is a tribute to his favorite band of all-time The Beatles. This is the first re-mix project of Doxx’s career, so he wanted to make sure he did it the right way. He enlisted his partner-in-crime producer, Freeze, to help him bring his idea to life. You can download the mixtape here.

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I first met DOXX last week when Clipse was at Next Coventry. It didn’t take long for us to set up a photo-shoot, interview video, and in-store listening party. The in-store event will be at Next Coventry, and in collaboration with The Coventry Kids on May 21st . Stay tuned, more information to coming soon. Above is the photo-shoot at Next Coventry. Below is the video interview, with some nice stop motion editing courtesy of Sir William Productions and AdAb Productions.

Doxx at Next on Coventry from AdAb on Vimeo.

Also, DOXX has an upcoming show at the Grog Shop on June 3rd. Get your tickets ASAP. He has sold out there before he will sell out again.
Photos and Video by AdAb.
Check Out DOXX’s new website DOXXbaby.com.

Event Pics: Dee & Ricky x Blessed Label @ Next Coventry

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If you missed this event you missed a good time. Dee & Ricky are wild guys with some great ideas, and always looking for a party. Luckily, here in Cleveland, groups like 8081 and Blessed Label are happy to supply a party-like atmosphere to make guests feel welcome.

This is just the first in a long line of upcoming events for Next Coventry. Stay Tuned!

Stampd’LA putting their mark on the shoe game


I love LA, and every time I am out there, I have a hard time coming back home. So the next best thing for me to do is bring a little L.A. back with me. In this case, it is the up and coming brand by Chris Stamp, called Stampd’LA. Starting out in the custom shoe game, he has graduated into a full line brand. I really loved the Black Hi Numbered collection. Check it here, and at a our Coventry store in person.

Is Bria Davis Cleveland’s Next R&B Sensation?

Wow! Thats all I could say after I heard Bria Davis singing while shopping at our Next Coventry location. Bria is an aspiring singer/songwriter who attends Cleveland School of Arts. Bria also impressed me with how professional she was at the age of 15 as she handed me her bussiness card. Her goal is to become an international performer in the arts of music and entertainment. I believe she has more then enough talent to achieve her goal. Just dont take my word, check out the video and see for yourself.